Product Information

We are glad you would like to learn more about our product. We have separated our product information into three parts. Please make a selection below to learn more.

For the First Responder
The Medic Clipboard was designed to make the transition to an ePCR nearly seamless for the first responder, while maintaining the necessary features desired by agency administrators for EMS performance metrics. We believe this patent pending design is the winning formula essential to every EMS provider.

Connectivity Features
Lets face it, no one has the ability to say “I will always have an internet connection.” That is why we made the Medic ClipBoard internet independent so you can connect when you have internet available. You can always start and continue editing reports without the need for an internet connection

Administrative Features
Powerful administrative features such as the ability to locate a single report in a haystack of reports is what makes the Medic ClipBoard a complete product to offer your department. What ePCR would be complete without powerful QI/QA capabilities.

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