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One of the most dramatic impacts of an ePCR software application is the significant improvement of Quality Assurance programs administered by agencies for improved patient treatment.

Currently, extracting data from a hard copy paper EMS program is a laborious task for agency nurse educators and department administrators with many hours of research required just to capture basic data fields.

The Medic Clipboard turns your paper rescue report into an electronic format and your agency has the control to determine which fields are mandatory entries. Where applicable, data fields will include drop down menus with the correct nomenclature mandated by your agency. First responders will be required to complete all mandatory data fields before uploading the medical report, thus eliminating any incomplete submissions.

From your desktop computer, you can retrieve statistical data and can display it in various graphs and pie charts with the enhanced ability to capture more detailed information.

That information can also be exported into a Microsoft Excel (XLS) spreadsheet for easy viewing by your designated personnel.

Want to know how many patients were transported by helicopter? Or perhaps how many cardiac patients were treated with aspirin? With the simple selection of the appropriate data fields, nurse educators and department administrators can retrieve the information in seconds.

Furthermore, when it appears there is an issue with patient treatment, the nurse educator or agency administrator can flag the report and internally send it to the appropriate EMS personnel for review.

After receiving the flagged report, EMS personnel can respond and provide an explanation of the care provided to the patient, all while remaining HIPAA compliant.

Hours that were once spent accumulating data for Quality Assurance programs can now be spent efficiently designing training programs to improve patient care.

Every iPad 2 has a 40 character unique device number (UDID) that is used to identify it. The Medic Clipboard, during set-up, correlates the iPad device number to the agency’s individual unit resource and generates a non-repeating sequence number that is unique to each response.

Since the Medic Clipboard does not need Internet connection to generate a sequence number, there is no chance of losing the sequence number at any time.

Each individual Medic Clipboard unit has the capability to produce 99,999 emergency medical records, well beyond the number of patients any single resource would respond to in a year.

The Health Insurance Portability and Acountability Act (HIPAA) and the Protected Health Information (PHI) regulations establish national standards to protect a patient’s medical record and other personal health information.

HIPAA and PHI require appropriate safeguards to be in place to protect the privacy of this sensitive patient information and health-care providers are obligated to establish policies and procedures for the management of these records. Failure to follow these standards could result in severe penalties levied against the medical provider.

In 2011, according to the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office for Civil Rights, there were 380 major data breaches involving 500 or more patients’ records.

A recent case in California resulted in a $865,500.00 settlement that was imposed on the health care provider who must also implement a multi-point corrective action plan including costly employee training.

The Medic Clipboard currently hosts its information on a cloud server storage service that is fully HIPAA and PHI compliant and whose clients include renowned medical service providers throughout the nation. Your agency could face a number of challenges to ensure that HIPAA and PHI compliance of patient medical records are adhered to.

By using the Medic Clipboard from Digital EMS Solutions, your agency will be fully compliant with HIPAA and PHI requirements.

One of the issues we identified early in our design was recognizing the requirements of how agencies must submit their data to the authoritative government body under which they operate.

While some agencies adhere to a NEMSIS standard, many others are required to comply with standards set forth by their state or local EMS agency.

For agencies that operate under the authority of a local EMS agency, it is the local EMS agency’s responsibility to submit the data to the state level and the state EMS agency’s responsibility to submit it to the national standard.

As an example, in Los Angeles County, The Medic Clipboard fulfills the 165 data sets that are required by Los Angeles County Department of Health Services and ensures that this information is gathered in the correct submission “language,” a feat that currently no other ePCR software has been able to do.

Whether your agency submits its records in the local, state or NEMSIS platform, the Medic Clipboard can meet your agencies submission standards.

The Digital EMS Solutions Medic Clipboard ePCR includes an administrator desktop software application that:

  • Allows the administrator or their designee to add or delete personnel
  • Sets access levels ranging from “read only” to “unlimited access”
  • Enables the administrator to view full audit control of the incident from origin to archiving
  • Documents who is accessing the records every time it is open
  • Documents any edit corrections and who made them
  • Provides management and retrieval of all the field captured data
  • Captures the first responders signatures
  • If applicable, captures the patient’s signature
  • Documents who was the reviewing supervisor of the incident
  • Allows administrators to set record completion and closure (locking) criteria
  • Can provide additional custom forms such as insurance information and medical release.
  • Provides updates and revisions by wireless download and documents compliance
  • Can provide any local policy information to be accessed in a PDF format

The Medic Clipboard software application contains an information button that provides first responders with easy access to any reference material authorized by your agency. This “info” button is easily accessible from anywhere within the application.

The reference material will be displayed as a PDF file and can be easily updated by your agency. The material can be customized to provide information on medications, local policies, medical protocols, and EMS guidelines that control the patient care.

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