There is no licensing fee to use our application. Our software program is provided to the client for free with a $5.00 charge for storage of each report uploaded to our servers.

Storage of EPCR’s require strict compliance with HIPAA and violations of this law can be costly. Our system is outsourced to a certified storage facility that is used by renowned medical institutions throughout the county.

One Time Set-Up Fee

A one time set-up fee is based on the complexity of connecting the Medic Clipboard to the computer aided dispatch system (CAD) and records management system (RMS) used by your agency.

Digital EMS Solutions will analyze the necessary set-up requirements and provide a cost estimate to your agency for the one time set-up fee.

There are many significant differences in the configuration of CAD systems that may affect pricing; however, in planning for your agency’s budgetary projections, an approximate estimate of $1,500.00 would be the expected fee for this service.

Development Fee

There is NO development fee for the Medic Clipboard’s current Los Angeles County DHS EMS format. This format is currently being used by numerous fire departments in Los Angeles County by modifying the agency’s name on the ePCR.

Agencies can also further customize the report with editorial features available through the administrative features of our Medic Clipboard system. Some agencies may choose to convert their existing hard copy rescue report to an ePCR format.

Digital EMS Solutions will provide a cost estimate based on the complexity of your form and any customized programming requested by your agency.