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Our patent-pending software program has the capability to take your agency’s existing patient care report and convert it into an ePCR format.

This provides an intuitive user interface requiring minimal training as EMS personnel know where to document patient information and vital signs.

Your EMS form will be designed with “hot zones” and when the user touches on that section, a pop-up window appears making the information easy to enter. The user simply enters the data with their fingertip, taps on the “save” button and the program reverts to the Medic Clipboard view with the data entered on the form.

There are no tabs to learn, no time consuming process of switching back and forth between tabs, and EMS personnel can quickly document information as the rescue unfolds. Because the Medic Clipboard allows your EMS personnel to use the same format as your agency’s existing form, the learning curve is significantly reduced and personnel easily adapt to the electronic patient care report.

When developing the Medic Clipboard, Digital EMS Solutions Inc. sought to produce a product that would be affordable in these tough economic times. With financial constraints a determining factor for many agencies, we created the Medic Clipboard to run on the Apple iPad.

Unlike other hardware that can have a starting price of over $3500 per unit, the Apple iPad 2 with 16GB is approximately $499.00 per unit.

While owning the Apple iPad 2 places the maintenance responsibility onto your agency, it also enables you to add additional software programs that will greatly benefit your department.

There are insurance programs available that are priced as low as $100.00 per unit for a three year period and there are aftermarket cases that appear ideal for the fire service.

A benefit that is not required per HIPAA guidelines, but provided by Digital EMS Solutions Inc., is the ability for your agency to remotely manage the Apple iPad 2.

This remote management feature allows for the administration to remotely “lock down” the device so the hardware becomes unusable without the proper password.

This feature also gives your agency the ability to send a signal to the hardware erasing ALL data and software from the device, rendering the data unobtainable. Should an iPad 2 unfortunately be lost or stolen, your agency will have the ability to remotely disable the program through our software system ensuring the security of your ePCR program.

The Medic Clipboard utilizes the iPad 2 camera capabilities and enables first responders to take a picture of the patent’s EKG, recording their cardiac status.

That picture becomes part of the patient’s emergency medical report and is electronically stored when it is uploaded. Agencies can easily access the information for any purpose such as billing purposes, reimbursement requirements or as a teaching tool for nurse educators.

While intergration between ePCRs and EKG/Defibrillators will be improved upon in the future, in today’s world transmission of large data files (20 – 25 Megabytes) could hamper an ePCR’s ability to record patient information when the two different systems “intergrate” with each other.

The MedicClipboard operates in the “Keep it Simple” philosophy, providing first responders the necessary tools to get the job done for quality patient care.

The Medic Clipboard utilizes the iPad 2 camera capabilities and, if they choose to, first responders can take a picture of the incident.

The visual documentation of an incident, such as a traffic collision, can prove to be invaluable when trying to accurately document the incident.

That picture becomes part of the patient’s emergency medical report and is electronically stored when it is uploaded. Agencies can easily access the information and get a visual picture of the incident accurately depicting the conditions observed by first responders.

First responders can respond to challenging emergencies where vital information is rapidly being generated from multiple sources. These stressful situations can be overwhelming for your personnel to quickly and accurately document vital patient information.

While the Medic Clipboard’s easy to use software permits rapid entry of critical data, our system, designed by experienced first responders, includes a “scratch pad” option allowing first responders to rapidly make notes with their fingertip in these dynamic situations. When conditions permit, first responders can then retrieve their notes and complete the emergency medical report without the stress that comes with these intense emergency incidents.

These notes are intended only for the first responder and do not become a part of the patient’s emergency medical report. When the medical report is uploaded and removed from the iPad 2 the notes are permanently deleted.

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