One of our goals in the design of the Medic Clipboard was to reduce the learning curve that comes with any new product and allow first responders to focus on what’s really important – helping those in need.

By transforming your current rescue report into an electronic format, your personnel will instantly recognize the form, making it an easy-to-use, intuitive program for even the most technically challenged.

The application’s familiarity significantly reduces the training required for your personnel and will ease their concerns in making the transition to an ePCR program. With minimal training required for our application, Digital EMS Solutions recommends a train-the-trainer format for your personnel.

We will work with your designated personnel and can assist your agency in a format that will have no impact on your agency’s EMS service delivery.

Should your agency request a different training format, Digital EMS Solutions will coordinate with your agency to meet its training needs in the most efficient manner.

Support and Service

The Medic Clipboard ePCR software system in relation to support and service consist of three components software, hardware and Internet connectivity.

Digital EMS Solutions, Inc. will fully support the Medic Clipboard software application and any issues that may arise from it.

After the initial set-up by Digital EMS Solutions Inc., any upgrades, revisions, and modifications will be downloaded onto the device by the user.

Control of these changes would be coordinated with your agency and our software application has tracking capabilities to ensure compliance. Downloading updates is easy process, similar to downloading a program from Apple ITunes.

The Medic Clipboard, created by Digital EMS Solutions, is an ePCR software application that can be used on any type of computer hardware, such as a laptop, Toughbook, or the Apple iPad 2.

Agencies will have to evaluate and purchase the hardware device that best suits the needs of their emergency medical services organization. With many hardware devices on the market to choose from, Digital EMS Solutions recommends the Apple iPad 2 as the ideal product for most emergency service organizations because of its low cost, low maintenance, and easy to learn operating system.

While owning the Apple iPad 2 places the responsibility of maintenance onto your department, it also enables your agency to add additional software programs that will greatly benefit your personnel.

Emergency environments can present difficult conditions for hardware; however, there are many durable cases available for the Apple iPad 2 and many of them appear capable of handling the rigors of an emergency service environment regularly encountered by first responders.

For organizations looking for additional hardware protection, Apple and other after-market vendors offer a wide range of low cost maintenance or insurance programs that may meet the needs of your organization.

Agencies will have to evaluate and purchase the Internet connectivity hardware that meets the challenges found within the organization’s response area.

Agencies can choose from Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G or a combination of all three. Some agencies have found that placing a mobile Wi-Fi system on their emergency vehicles provides them an efficient Internet connectivity system and is the most economical solution.

First responders, independent from Internet connectivity, can complete their documentation at the patient’s location and upload the information when they return to the emergency vehicle.

Digital EMS can provide recommendations for Internet connectivity for your agency.

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