Introducing the Medic Clipboard – the ePCR you already know how to use.

Emergency incidents can be difficult events to manage with first responders under intense pressure to evaluate, treat, and legally document patient care. Why make them any harder?

The Medic Clipboard is an easy-to-use software application that builds upon your personnel’s existing knowledge and makes your agency’s transition to an ePCR format nearly seamless.

How is the Medic Clipboard different from other ePCRs ?

At Digital EMS Solutions, our patent pending software application can convert your agency’s current paper ePCR into a digital format. Unlike other ePCR systems that require first responders to learn a new program, the Medic ClipBoard allows your personnel to continue using the same patient care report they currently complete on every medical response – just in a digital format. The Medic Clipboard system consists of an intuitive “User Front End” software application that can be used on the easy-to-learn operating system of the Apple iPad 2 and a “Back End” system accessible from your desktop computer. The Medic Clipboard is Internet independent, enabling first responders to document patient care regardless of where the incident is located and provides a reliable patient care reporting system where failure is not an option.

While there are many ePCR programs to choose from, there is only one that your personnel already know how to use: the Medic Clipboard. For more detailed information, click on one of the links below:

Use your existing paper PCR

The Medic Clipboard can convert your existing rescue report to an ePCR format. Our patent-pending software program has the capability to take your agency’s existing patient care report and convert it into an ePCR format.

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Designed for speed

Concentrate on the patient, not the ePCR. When designing the application, we knew it needed to be fast and we believe that we have achieved the speed that is needed for EMS calls.

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Quality assurance

From their desktop computer, Nurse Educators and Administrators can extract data for customized Quality Assurance programs and educate personnel on providing the best patient care while remaining HIPAA compliant. With the Medic Clipboard system, data research that once took hours now takes seconds to complete.

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