Medic clipboard

The ePCR you already know how to use

An easy-to-use software application that builds upon your personnels existing knowledge and makes your agency’s transition to an ePCR format nearly seamless.

  • NEMSIS 3.5 Compliant
  • Go Digital
  • Seamless
  • User-Friendly
  • Internet Independent
  • Designed for Speed
  • Quality Assurance
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For the first responder

Medic Clipboard

Take your existing patient care report and convert it into an ePCR format.

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For the administrator

Back-end Website

Powerful administrative features such as the ability to locate a single report in a haystack of reports, QA/QI, Report Flagging, and much more.

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  • Go Digital

    Our patent-pending software program has the capability to take your agency’s existing patient care report and convert it into an ePCR format.

  • Seamless

    Continue to use the same patient care report you currently complete on every medical response but in a digital format.

  • User-Friendly

    Easy-to-learn operating system of the Apple iPad and a “Back End” system accessible from your desktop computer.

  • Internet Independent

    Enable first responders to document patient care regardless of where the incident is located and provide a reliable patient care reporting system.

  • Designed for Speed

    When designing the application, we knew it needed to be fast and we believe that we have achieved the speed that is needed for EMS calls.

  • Quality Assurance

    Extract data for customized Quality Assurance programs and educate personnel on providing the best patient care while remaining HIPAA compliant.

Medic clipboard

The Medic Clipboard was designed to make the transition to an ePCR nearly seamless for the first responder while maintaining the necessary features desired by agency administrators for EMS performance metrics. We believe this patent pending design is the winning formula essential to every EMS provider.

Main Screens of ePCR

The primary ePCR interface replicates the appearance of the conventional paper report that users are accustomed to, thereby obviating the necessity for extensive and perplexing training and ensuring a seamless transition to the ePCR application.

The entire application is touch sensitive. Simply click where you want to enter data, and you will be presented with a larger view to enter the data you need.

Detailed Input View

The entire application is equipped with touch sensitivity, allowing users to input data by simply clicking on the designated area. Upon selection, a larger data-entry view will be presented for enhanced user experience.

The application features large buttons that obviate the necessity for a stylus.


The application utilizes signature biometrics, which involves the dynamic capture of an individual's signature's direction, stroke, pressure, and shape, which has been proven to be a dependable means of establishing an individual's identity based on their handwriting. Additionally, the geolocation (Latitude/Longitude) of the signature is recorded to address any potential inquiries.

Back-end Website

Powerful administrative features such as the ability to locate a single report in a haystack of reports is what makes the Medic ClipBoard a complete product to offer your department. What ePCR would be complete without powerful QI/QA capabilities.


The backend website of Medic-Clipboard has the capability to present your electronic patient care report (ePCR) data in a graphical format for enhanced visual representation.

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Training & Support

By transforming your current rescue report into an electronic format, your personnel will instantly recognize the form, making it an easy-to-use, intuitive program for even the most technically challenged.

The application’s familiarity significantly reduces the training required for your personnel and will ease their concerns in making the transition to an ePCR program. With minimal training required for our application, Digital EMS Solutions recommends a train-the-trainer format for your personnel.

We will work with your designated personnel and can assist your agency in a format that will have no impact on your agency’s EMS service delivery.


There is no licensing fee to use our application. Our software application is provided to the client for free to install on as many devices as you like.

Digital EMS charges per report (i.e. “tag”) that is uploaded to our servers. Please contact us for exact pricing.

There are no hidden fees (e.g. maintenance, support, etc.). All maintenance, support, upgrades, etc. are all included in the per report (i.e. “tag”) fee so your agency knows and can predict what your yearly budget will be for years to come.

Trusted by our customers

Digital EMS was the best fit for my department at a time where we were having to transition from paper forms to digital. This was a difficult time in 2015 when older employees were not as technically savvy as our younger ones.

Digital EMS duplicated our existing form at the time and had an excellent training program to make the transition a smooth one. As with any change or new equipment, issues were encountered, but they were there to answer our questions and get us back on track.

I would highly recommend Digital EMS to any department looking to make a change.

Mike BeeghlySanta Fe Springs Fire Captain

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